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Instagram can be considered as one of the most popular social media networks available for the people. At the moment, Instagram has been able to attract millions of users from every corner of the world. We tend to share our personal information through Instagram as well. Therefore, it is important for us to take a moment to analyze whether the content that we upload to Instagram is really safe or not.

The developers of Instagram have paid special attention towards the security of the users. As a result, content that you upload to Instagram would be protected in many different ways. For example, all the Instagram users are provided with the ability to select the audience as per their preferences. In other words, you can remove the people who should not see your content by going through the list of followers. In addition, you will be able to set your profile to a private one and deny the incoming requests to follow you.

Instagram has also introduced a feature, where you can select specific individuals who can view your content. You will have to select them manually. If you want to block a specific person, you can do it as well.

Can you figure out who’s viewing your content on Instagram?

After you set up your privacy settings, you will get the need to make sure who’s looking at the content that you upload on Instagram. In simple terms, if you don’t give access to someone, he will not be able to see the posts that you upload on Instagram. You will be able to find apps that claim to provide access to private Instagram profiles. On the other hand, we hear news about getting Instagram hacked time to time. However, the developers of Instagram have recently invested a lot of money on strengthening the security of the platform. Therefore, nobody will be able to follow the traditional hacking methods and gain access to the content that you upload on Instagram.

Nobody will be able to gain access to your Instagram content via an app. However, it is important to keep in mind that every system is associated with a backdoor. Tech giants such as Instagram actually allow reverse engineering experts in order to exploit the system and figure out whether there are any security issues or not.

Is it a good idea to set your profile to a “Private One”?

The decision to make your Instagram public or private depends on your specific requirements. As a rule of thumb, you need to keep the two points mentioned below in mind.
If you are using Instagram for personal needs, you should set it up as a Private profile
If you are using Instagram for business purposes, you will need to set it up as a Public profile

However, you need to keep in mind that Instagram has not implemented any rules and it is entirely up to the users to determine the level of privacy. You can have a personal public profile or a business private profile on Instagram.

Can someone see your private Instagram profile?

If you are concerned about your privacy, you would go ahead and set up your own private profile on Instagram. Then you would get the doubt in mind whether someone can actually see your Instagram profile or not. That’s mainly because you can find several apps on the internet, which guarantee people to give access to the private Instagram profiles.

We are not in a position to tell that these apps are in a position to deliver the promised results. However, we can conclude that many services like this are scams and they don’t actually provide the service that they are intended to deliver.

If you carefully take a look at the apps that assist you to view private Instagram profiles, you would realize some common features in between them. For example, you will have to download most of these apps to your devices. Or else, you will be asked to use the online services. To start off, you will be asked to provide the login credentials to your personal Instagram account. In addition, you will be asked to submit the private Instagram profile that you are planning to view. Once you submit the information, the service is supposed to remove all the restrictions and grant access to you.

Even if this type of a service exists, we cannot expect it to last for a long period of time. The security experts at Instagram are always concerned about the security of the platform. As a result, they are continuously engaged in the process of finding loopholes and patching them.

Instagram for parents

Parenting has become a somewhat difficult task in today’s world. In fact, all the parents have got the need to figure out how their children use Instagram. Unfortunately, parents don’t have any method to see the Instagram profiles of their children, if they are set up as private profiles. This is a common issue that most of the parents have, but if Instagram allows parents to gain access to the profiles of their children, the company would be going against their privacy policy. Therefore, no parent can access the personal Instagram profiles of their children, unless they are provided with the password. As a parent, if you feel that your child is using Instagram for unwanted purposes, you can simply forbid them.

What else should you know?

As you can see, you are not provided by any method to view the private Instagram profiles of other people. If you are concerned about privacy, you will have to think about setting up your personal account as a private one. You will have to do it as soon as you create your profile on Instagram. In addition, you can determine whom you are adding to the list of followers. Then you can share anything you want via your personal Instagram profile without any doubt in mind.